Jean Claude (JC)

Founder & CEO of idSign
Chief Product Officer of Bonuz

My Projects


Trustless eSignature & Identity Protocol


Social Smart Wallet


Social Talent Discovery Platform


No-Code Backend as a Service


Dubai Web3 Community

Play-To-Learn Coding Platform

Latest Articles

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JC's Entrepreneurial Journey from Lebanon to Dubai and His Latest project idSign.

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Bonuz Pre-Launching event and the challenges in Web3 onboarding and security

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Technically savvy JC, founder of Jaydaryn Tech Advisors, generously recounts his journey to starting up his Web3 Consultancy firm.

TechCrunch Blog Post

After a Devastating Explosion in Beirut port, we built an app in 3 days that helps find missing victims in the explosion sponsored by The app allows users to search for their loved ones using advanced search filters.

Portfolio Timeline 

  • Current

    Founder & CEO

    Founded idSign, a Trustless eSignature & Identity Protocol that allows users to leverage the immutable nature of blockchain and get a Proof of Signature SBT sharing documents in the most private way! Documents can only be accessed by the parties involved in the agreement. Users can also re-use their identity SBT and use our decentralized escrow payment protocol.

  • Current

    Chief Product Officer & Tech Lead

    Managing the Bonuz Ecosystem Products and Technology. My role includes system design, Technology research, managing the Engineering team, and defining the product roadmap by implementing scum workflows to ensure scalability and efficiency.  

  • Current

    Tech Advisor
    for Dubai Startups

    Blockchain | Web | Mobile | Security

    Currently I work as a Tech advisor helping startups and non-technical founders transform their industry or idea into web3. Maintaining an app is harder than building it, my main focus is to make companies have the most efficient team, releasing industry-leading code and adopting best practices that make their project faster, more secure and scalable while reducing cost! 

  • January 2021

    Founder of JayDaryn Web3 Initiative Dubai

    After moving to Dubai, I wanted to integrate myself in the tech community like I was in Beirut! So I founded JayDaryn to spread awareness for Decentralization and help startups build scalable, secure and efficient Web3 apps. 


    January 2020

     Skilz App Dubai

    I built a full app that allows people to search for talent for hire or offer their services to others. Skilz combines social media and discovery features all the way to negotiating and closing the deal. I managed a team of developers and built the app from scratch!

  • June 2021

    Tech Advisor for   @MarioNawfal 

    I worked as a Tech advisor and managed partnerships with a Web3 Investor and entrepreneur Mario Nawfal where I vetted and analyzed Tech startups and reached out to them with a partnership offer under BitcloutHoldings

  • 2017 - 2021

    Freelancing Fullstack Web/App

    I started freelancing to a lot of international companies in the US, Australia, Dubai, & Denmark. I built a Tracking platform similar to Uber for a large shipping company, built social media apps, chatting systems, admin panels, CMS, SaaS platforms, and many more...

  • October 2018

    Game Developer @

    I joined a startup where i built browser HTML5 games that aimed to teach kids how to code using fun interactive missions. My javascript library was used at a massive scale summer camp SpaceToon. And won Arabnet Award!

  • At age 18

    Founded My First Startup

    At 1st year college I managed to build a tech startup Clerve SARL that sold websites, apps and e-commerce platforms for local businesses in Beirut. I managed a tech team and gave workshops for developers older than me! I also participated in a lot of competitions, hackathons organized by Facebook MENA 

  • At a Young Age of 14

    Started Coding

    I started learning how to code very early. I learned C++ then taught it my school's computer club. I built PC games, android apps, and won 1st place in robotics competition (Line tracking robot) in AUB science fair.


- Winner of StartupGrind (Google For Entrepreneurs) Grind membership for

- Featured in TechCrunch Blog for an App I built Volunteering at an NGO 

- Mentor at AUB Build It Weekend by IEEE

- 2nd Place winner of A.I. Beirut Startup Weekend by Google for Entrepreneurs 2017

- ArabNet Award for

- Won 1st Place AUB Robotics Line Tracking Robot at a young age 16

- Founded my first Startup (Clerve SARL) in Beirut at age of 18

Areas Of Expertise 

JavaScript ES6+React.jsNode.jsReact-NativeMongoDBAWSDockerkubernnetesServerlessCI / CDLamdaWeb3.jsEthers.jsGraphQLSolidityDevOpsLinuxGitbashTailwindCSSMUIC++Python

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