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About Me

I'm Jeanclaude Aoun, Computer Science Graduate & Self-learner. Started coding from a very young age.
Love to code < /> in order to bring my visions to life and to contribute in pushing the future of the tech community.

Bachelor of Computer Science
Lebanese University - FS2 Fanar
2015 - 2018

My Skills

Building Backend Web APIs with Nodejs or PHP, MySql, Mongodb, Firebase, OAuth2 , Unix Shell SSH, FTP, SSL
Advanced Modular Javascript ES6, Angular Framework HTML/CSS/JS, Git, JSON, npm, JQuery, Bootstrap
Develop hybrid apps for iOS and Android using IonicFramework: Angular, Cordova, Typescript, Sass
Artificial Intelligence, Genetic Algorithms, Evolutionary Systems, Neural Networks
Game Development HTML5 Canvas,, Unity 3D , Augmented Reality
Java, Rust, Python, Assembly, Swi-Prolog, C#, Android Studio, C++
Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro Video editing

AI & Machine Learning

Beginner level: Currently developing a platform for AI and ML projects

Angular Developer

Advanced level: Frontend development using advanced ES6 Javascript patterns and Hybrid mobile apps

Backend Developer

Intermediate level: Basic backend web APIs and database development & server management (NodeJs, Mongodb, Nginx) and (PHP, Sql, Apache)

Game Developer

Intermediate level: Developed many 2D HTML5 canvas games using JS & Unity 3d games with AR


Freelance Work
2015 - present

  • Full-Stack Web developer / Mobile app developer

Game Developer (inc)
Feb - June 2018

  • 2D game developer (Games that teach kids coding and robotics)
  • Helped in other tasks in the team (Developed a small JS library)

Co-Founder / COO / Project manager
Clerve SARL (inc)
2016 - present

  • Co-founded a startup (at 18 years old) (services: Websites, iOS and Android apps Development & Design / Social Media management)
  • Developed Business Skills (Team and Project manager, business emails, meetings with clients)
  • R&D and Testing to choose which frameworks and libraries to use for developing each project (Balance between functionality & ease of development & speed)

Web Developer (Frontend & Backend)
HIC Media
summer 2016

  • Worked with development team as Frontend web developer (Responsive websites using only Bootstrap)
  • Developed Backend APIs using PHP and Mysql (Chatting web app)


  • Mentor at AUB Build It Weekend 2018 by IEEE
  • 2nd PLACE: A.I. Beirut Startup Weekend by Google for Entrepreneurs 2017
  • 1st PLACE: Robotics in LAU Science Fair
  • 3rd PLACE: in computer science summer institute (android app development at 16 years old)
  • Learned and teached C++ in school computer club
  • Developed 3D games using drag-and-drop game engine at 15 years-old

Start Making Results...

Persue your dreams, work on them every day! If the plan doesn't work, change the plan, but never the goal. I am always ready to sit for a consultation meeting to discuss any project and help out!
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